Injury in sport is highly likely. Injuries can range from simple ailments to initiating an end of a career. Injuries can also be emotionally devastating leading to possible symptoms of depression and anxiety. Many times athletes who have been injured never consult a sport psychologist and wish they had. It is very difficult sitting on the sidelines and watching another play take over their starting position or having to sit out a year in college or while coping with an injury at the professional level.  For competitive athletes, not participating in sports is very difficult. As sport psychology consultants there are supportive and effective strategies that can help with coping with being injured. Visualization is a technique that athletes can use to continue to “train” even when their bodies can’t.  Many successful athletes and people visualize successful performances.This technique helps athletes feel more hopeful that they are still “training” which helps to maintain confidence and to help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Also, we can help athletes cope better and offer strategies and ways to help with the transition back to playing. For some, career counseling is needed to inspire new interests in life as well. Often college and professional athletes need assistance when there is a career ending injury; injuries are a reality in athletics and there can be significant emotional consequences.