Performance Coaching: Athletes, Leaders and Organizations

A winning mind-set is as important as a fit body. Dr. Julie Wiernik offers a variety of services to assist you in better understanding your approach to sports, teaching you how to maintain your focus, and achieving your goals in the competitive environment.

  • Improve performance consistency
  • Create effective practice habits
  • Improve communication skills
  • Enhance motivation
  • Fine tune focus
  • Gain ability to perform in pressure situations

Choose a Comprehensive Service:


Private sessions• Assist athletes in achieving competitive goals by better understanding their mental strengths and weaknesses and acquiring strategies to enhance performance.• Teach and apply sports psychology techniques tailored to the needs of the athlete and their specific sport.

• Provide athletes with a comprehensive mental fitness regime that may include: goal setting, improving focus, coping better with pressure, anxiety management,  emotional, energy management, imagery, mindfulness, and positive self-talk.

 *We will assist parents in understanding and enhancing the interaction with their athletic children and coaches. Parents will have an opportunity to explore the critical challenges young athletes face and learn about the principles of sport psychology that can be applied to help meet these demands. Parents will become better equipped to provide effective feedback and assist children in dealing with athletic pressures.


Sessions for groups of athletes or teams. Assist athletes and teams in achieving their competitive goals through mental skills training, team building exercises, and improvement of communication and then cohesiveness.• Assist with building trust, goal setting,  effective communication, performance enhancement, train teams have more “in the zone” performances.