Why should you seek a Sport Psychologist?


There is never an endpoint to improvement. Just ask any professional athlete and they will tell you that. Improvement is not just physical but mental. In the early years of sport development there is a focus on training physical and technical skills. Ask physical skills are honed and improved the emphasis is shifted to mental skills. Physical tend skills become automatic so the mental game becomes even more crucial to success.  What separates great players and teams is most often who is the mentally toughest and the most confident.  Many players wish they had mental skills training earlier in their sports career. If you are motivated, committed, and want to see positive improvement in your game simply practicing more and training harder is not enough. Managing emotions, anxiety, and distractions along with learning how to be confident is what being mentally tough is all about. Any athlete young or old can benefit from mental skills training. Many athletes wished they hadn’t waited so long.


What are the sessions like?
Dr. Wiernik meets for about 50 minute sessions. The first sessions typically consists of administering a mental skills assessment and questionnaire to the athlete and then meets with a parents or parents if the athlete is a minor. She interviews the parents to get background information and information relevant to helping the athlete or performer. She also likes to address communication between the athlete and parents and will attempt to address communication concerns as needed.  Dr. Wiernik then meets with the athlete to go over the assessment while building rapport in order to address what interventions will be implemented. However, this can change in order to address the needs of the athlete and family.  It is hard to be definitive regarding how many sessions will be needed. This will vary and be discussed with each athlete. However, mental skills training takes practice, motivation, and commitment so time is needed to see lasting, consistent changes in performance results and outcome.  Meeting times can vary. We are not in network for mental health insurance coverage. The reason being is that we do not feel that all athletes and performance have clinical symptoms or disorders. However, if you would like to file I can give you the codes for reimbursement if criteria is met. You may want to check with your out of network mental health coverage.