When you actually look forward to seeing your child’s therapist, you know it’s working, and that is the feeling of accomplishment we get with visits with Dr. Wiernik. She has taken really tough and scary situations and has given them meaning. She then helps us work through them and somehow, put them in the past, in a very realistic way. She has helped us find ways to move on. “Live in the present”, is her mantra, and not only does she help your child live true to this, but she is instrumental to helping the entire family. My family has come to appreciate, trust, and respect her. She has touched our lives, and has given us clarity and meaning. She is truly a blessing to our family.

– Parent of a High school Athlete

I can not believe I’m writing a testimonial on sports psychology! However, I’m now a huge believer. After reaching a point of frustration, due to lack of communication with my teenage son I was at wits end . I read an article about Dr. Julie Wiernik and immediately called her. She was very personable and comforting. My son and I have been working with her for about three months. My son, who is a golfer, has really improved his mental approach with his game. After a horrible start in a major tournament he rallied back to shoot 72 and finish tied for third. I asked why such a turnaround and he said “Dad this Dr. J. stuff really works. Not only has his golf improved, his entire character has changed for the better. Dr. J. talks about life not just sports and it really makes a difference.  Thanks Dr. J. you are truly a God send.

– Parent of an Elite Golfer

I have had the great fortune of working with Dr Wiernik both as an athlete and as a coach. The knowledge I have gained from her expertise has been irreplaceable. I look forward to developing our professional relationship further in the future and would gladly recommend her services to any of my students.

~Thomas Kearney (Performance Golf Coach)

Dr. Wiernik,
I can’t explain how much you have helped me. I never would have guessed that I would have come this far since our first meeting. Not only have you helped me with my outlook on sports and life, you also gave me a wonderful insight to the psychology world. Thank you so much for still being there for me even though I’m away at school. God Bless You!

~College Volleyball Player

I came to Dr. Julie Wiernik a few years ago with low mental toughness and confidence in both football and life in general. Since then Dr.Wiernik has significantly improved my mental makeup overall. With her professional help I’ve been able to achieve and do things in sports and life that I was not able to before. I am thankful to have spent time with Dr. Wiernik and continue to use her help as needed as improving my confidence and thoughts is an on going process. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels thing mind is holding them back from being the best athlete they can be as she has drastically improved my performance.

~ College Football Player

When I reached out to Dr. Wiernik I was a freshman collegiate baseball player who was coming off of several injury- ridden years.  I struggled immensely in my return to baseball and, with my confidence more than exhausted, I found myself performing far below my ability level and hating the game that I was so passionate about.  During this trying time before working with Julie, I even seriously considered giving up on my goal of playing ball at the highest level that my talent and work ethic would allow me to achieve.  If it were not for Julie’s genuine and endearing passion for helping athletes overcome their greatest obstacle- themselves- I may well have given up on this goal and quit on myself.  With Dr. Wiernik’s guidance and unwavering support, I was able to transform my approach to the game of baseball with incredible performance- related results.  I even reached the point where I embraced instances of failure as opportunities to prove to myself that I could overcome such adversity!  While all of our efforts were focused on improving my athletic performance, I have found that, since working with Julie, my attitude towards life and the “ups and downs” which it inevitably offers has also been transformed.  I am a far more positive person than I was before working with Dr. Wiernik and I am exceedingly grateful for the impact she has had on my athletic career and my life.

~ College Baseball Player