On average only 2-5% of all athletes will participate in a sport in college or university. Even less make it to the professional/olympic levels. Professional athletes will have a “short “career span due to age, physical limitations, and possible injury. It is important that young athletes begin to think about who they are and what they might be interested in especially before attending college. While dreaming of being a professional or Olympic athlete is exciting and inspiring it is important to be thinking of career identity as well. Dr. Wiernik can discuss career questions while the athlete is in high school, college, or beyond. It is important to be realistic about career choices and begin thinking of future interests. Putting all your eggs in the “athletic” career basket can cause an athlete to be ill-prepared if their professional dreams do not come true or halt prematurely. Many athletes focus on athletic success especially in college. Careers have extremely competitive and athletes should focus on academics in case they want to pursue higher education or graduate training. One never knows what can happen in the future but the present can be maximized.